May 5th, 2010, 8:41 am

a note about C O D E N A M E's and more

yay we drew them on iscribble today

This is going to be a collaboration of sort. . . I'm hoping to get a few friends from iscribble to help me out with this.

Thanks to those who are reading along with us!
: >

Oni, once you are done your character it would be great if you could upload the picture to the codenames page.

C O D E N A M E backstory

Just so readers know what to expect; It's a time of civil war. Divided into sectors the majority of the country is governed by Emperor Nathan Stain XI while Anarchy took reign over the lower portion of the country.

To furthur enhance his force on the country Stain XI has trained
eight C O D E N A M E's to do dangerous tasks, Nate being one of them.

A C O D E N A M E is a computer designed to look and function exactly like a human supposedly impartial to everything going on around them except their task.

Anarchy(from Greek: ἀναρχίᾱ anarchíā, "without ruler")
Civil War

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